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proof that i’m pretty normal and boring

Miss Crazy Eyes Lauren is forcing me to talk about myself again. Not that I usually have a problem with that, of course.

Seven Quirky, Kooky, Kinda Odd Things about Moi (other than being terrified of raccoons):

1. I make a lot of weird faces, particularly in front of a camera.* On Monday, D.R. sent me this link and said that the girl in the picture looked just like me. I actually look nothing like her, but I sent it around to 10 of my co-workers and they all said basically the same thing — “It’s the eyes and that creepy, twisted face she’s making.”

2. I hate socks and the way they constrict my feet.

3. I “quit” coffee once every six months or so. This goes along with my tendency for trying a new fad diet or exercise routine every six months or so.

4. I always cry when animals die in movies or on TV. The same can’t be said for when humans die.

5. I can never fall asleep at night and I can never wake up in the morning. I’m considering participating in a sleep study.

6. I’m extremely competitive, even when I’m not that good at something. Scratch that — especially when I’m not that good at something. This in turn makes me an extremely poor loser.

7. I was on a bowling team when I was 7.

I taggety tag whoever wants to do this…. Pithy‘s probably the only one who will do it.

*I asked Castlemonkey if he knew of anything I did that was quirky and this was all he could come up with. Validation that I’m fairly normal and boring.


I just found out last night that Karla is afraid of 3 things in life:
* the avian bird flu
* having her organs stolen while on vacation
* and i forgot the third thing. will get back on that.

Comment by scott

Shit – will you delete that. I always forget I’m logged into my work blog when commenting on WordPress blogs. 🙂

What I meant to say as “me” :

K. I did it for you. Surprisingly, since I usually hate these “MySpace survey” type posts. But it’s hard to have something to write about EVERY DAY while I do this NaBloPoMo thing. WHAT was I thinking?!

Comment by 20-Something

[…] quirky, perky, smirky things about me Since my boss tagged me in her post to do this, I figure I better do it or […]

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I definitely cry when animals die, not for humans in movies. I wonder why that is…

Comment by LiLu

Scott — how did we possibly forget to tell you about the organ stealing thing before your trip with her? We could’ve come up with something horrifyingly creepy, for sure. (The third is probably puke?)

20 — Don’t worry, I was gonna delete it anyway. 🙂

Lilu — Thanks for stopping by! I have no clue, but if I know an animal’s going to die, i won’t even WATCH the movie!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

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