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the tastier side of fall

i don’t like to talk about it, but i actually love to bake. don’t get any ideas — i’m not exactly a domestic diva, but i do like to whip some yummy smelling desserts when i’m feeling run-down or stressed. and, as i’ve mentioned before, october and the onset of cold, crappy weather makes me pretty miserable.

I generally buy a box of cake mix and throw it together in about 20 minutes — but what’s the fun in that? this year, i’m going to start baking from scratch (which i imagine will go tragically wrong), and i’m starting with some recipes i completely ripped off from some fellow bloggers:

pumpkin pancakes and brownies (both found from the first foodie site i regularly started reading, we are not martha)

LIGHT pumpkin spice cupcakes (without the pecans, thank you very much. i think i’ll add sprinkles.)

and just to break up the redundancy of all things pumpkin, i’m gonna try the french onion soup from my favorite oregon chef and vino buddy at seasoned to taste. she even added a heart to the top. awwwwwwww.


i’m also in the market for some vegan recipes for the dead robin, who might spontaneously combust if she gets near dairy products. anyone got any ideas? must be mildly tasty and go well with beer and boxed dvd sets.


I think you might like pumpkin-flavored stuff as much as me. Ima gonna try to find a sin-free pumpkin bread recipe. Sounds counterproductive, but whatevs.

Comment by 20-Something

Oooo…. let me know if you find it! that sounds so good.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

I have a really delicious pumpkin bread pudding recipe, if you want it. It includes a splash of bourbon…
Also, Rachael Ray makes a pumpkin pasta that is surprisingly tasty and simple to prepare.

I have no use for vegans or vegan recipes. The same goes for all you vegetarians.

Comment by Write Gal

I made pumpkin pancakes last season and SOMEWHERE I have an awesome recipe for Apple Cider Syrup to top ’em with. If you want it, let me know and I’ll dig for it!

Comment by Lily

Thanks for sending those, WG!

And Lily, I’d love the syrup recipe. That sounds delish!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

I have no recipes to give, but will offer my expertise in kitchen dept (say Monday or Tuesday nights around 9??). I *was* a HomeEc major for a year and a half after all. I can do a mean place setting.

Comment by pithycomments

I hear you! I have been drinking pumpkin beer, lattes, eating pumpkin bisque, and baking pumpkin spice cookies (tonight!)

Comment by Mermanda

@pithy: in between live blogging fringe and/or heroes?! you’re on!

@mermanda: pumpkin beer? I forgot they make such a thing…

Comment by flipflopsintherain

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