Flipflops in the Rain

ugh, it’s october

everywhere i look, people are writing about fall.

let me tell you what i like about fall and the impending months of dark gloominess:

pumpkin spice flavoring. halloween. and hoodies.

that’s it. there’s no convincing me otherwise.

(you now have sufficient warning for six months of my whiny grumpiness. here’s hoping you find my bitterness charming.)


you forgot candy corn

Comment by pithycomments

Hoodies make fall worthwhile. I need to go get a new one, and not wash it for like a year because they are so damn soft.

Comment by Aaron

Hoodies are year-round, chick.

Comment by Paolo

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@Paolo: not in the South. too humid from May till now. it’s torture.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

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