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i used to watch disney movies and that makes me cool

… which doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, except that i can name the seven dwarfs faster than three of my colleagues, and therefore, i get coolness points.

speaking of movies and mindless entertainment, i’m addicted to tv this fall. it’s getting ridiculous. a year ago, i watched one, maybe two, shows and only when i was really bored. this year, my sundays, mondays, tuesdays and thursdays are suddenly overpowered with brothers and sisters! gossip girl! fringe! the office! the other days of my week are filled with playing dvr catch-up.

i don’t know how people do this. when crazy eyes made a fall tv schedule a few years back, i mocked her viciously and shamelessly. now, i’m pretty sure my tv obsession is worse than hers and my head is pounding with useless knowledge about fictional pretty people and their in-no-way-realistic problems. then throw in the nonfictional pretty people and their in-no-way-realistic problems. seriously. when did i start caring about the hills or the girls next door or rachel zoe? and how do i get it to stop?!

the saddest part is that i haven’t even listed all the shows i actually watch in a week. or the ones that pithy and dead robin are trying desperately hard to turn me on to. or the football games i’ll be required to watch/sleep through in the upcoming months.

i’m afraid my perfectly crafted workout schedule is going to become extinct soon. any tips on how to conquer this zombie-like trance before it’s too late?


you forgot to mention the religious reading of the recaps and forums on Television Without Pity…

Comment by pithycomments

welcome to the darkside. forget the dvr, the internet has to help keep me up to date on my shows as well…

Comment by Lauren

Aren’t there TVs at your gym?

Comment by Write Gal

What, no Entourage? And 30 Rock returns sometime this month (on par (or close) with The Office)…

Comment by bedouin sherpa

30 Rock is nowhere near The Office, but I second the Entourage recommendation.

Comment by Paolo

Write Gal — I prefer to sweat out to Britney than TV.

Bedouin (where-TF did you come up with that name?!) and P — Obviously you didn’t read the part where I said I left out a majority of my shows. But yes, Entourage is definitely a must-see. 30 Rock is good, but not one of my favorites.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

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