Flipflops in the Rain

because i’m worth it.

some days, you just need to vent. that’s apparently what yesterday was for.

today, i’m forcing myself to have a good day. dr. seuss-style actually — my IM status is set to “somehow, some way, today will be a good day.”

i’m wearing a sassy, hot-pink pashmina, and i’ve reorganized my desk. i’m going to buy myself a new purse and eat sushi at lunch. i’m rockin’ the goal-weight jeans that sat in my closet for two years. i slept in a half hour and still got to work on time. i’m laughing at jokes that aren’t funny and being nice to people i don’t particularly like. i’m going to finish a recommendation letter i’ve been putting off for far too long (sorry, pithinator).

and most importantly, i just booked tickets to CABO for a long weekend in december!! hello, relaxation and sunshine. i need you.

why i hate this effing campaign. oh, yeah — and why i’m starting to hate obama supporters.

i make it a point NOT to talk about politics. living in DC during an election year, i’m finding that’s practically impossible.

i’ll make this brief — i’m a moderate, undecided voter who generally leans liberal (what’s up, my bellingham, wash., hippie roots). i registered to vote on voteforchange.com (smarter people than myself probably realize that this is a Barack Obama site — i’m an idiot.). since then, i have had to unsubscribe two of my email addresses from the spam lists i was inadvertently added to because i was receiving about 4-5 emails a day (most of which were waking me up at 3 a.m. by coming through to my blackberry).

that was the easy part.

i am now receiving 4-5 phone calls a week from 703-340-1178 — a number that was previously unknown to me. now, i rarely answer calls from unknown numbers. after receiving about seven missed calls from this number and no messages, i finally¬† got the courage to answer a few Saturdays ago after a few beers at oktoberfest. what do you know? it was an obama volunteer, asking me to pitch in for a candidate i was not yet ready to support myself.

i respectfully declined, thinking that was enough.

someone else called me the next day. and two days later. and another few days later.

i have now spoken to at least five different obama volunteers — each of them asking me the same thing. each of them receiving the same answer — NO, and take me off your effing telemarketing list.

i just got one more. now, i don’t know if you remember the day i’ve been having, but that was icing on my monday-sucks cake. i told him that he’d better do everything in his power to remove my phone number from their lists.

the next call i get will force me to vote republican. it might seem like a ridiculous reason, but i’m kind of ridiculous sometimes.

and — JUST SO WE’RE CLEAR — arguing with my ridiculousness, and emailing me about my ridiculousness, and calling me about my ridiculousness will NOT convince me to vote for obama.

(and because this is as close to a polical post as you’ll get from me, here’s somewhat of a rebuttal from an anti-McCain-spam monkey.)

things that suck bright and early this lovely monday
  • waking up at 4 a.m. and not falling back asleep right away.
  • finally falling asleep but oversleeping.
  • not having time to shower.
  • contacts ripping while in your eye.
  • contacts ripping when you don’t have a spare set or your glasses.
  • hypocrites.

i’m officially taking the rest of the day off from people and things who make me mad. if you need me, i’ll be hiding behind an attitude problem and an eye patch.

Someecards.com: making my work day more fun since 2007
October 17, 2008, 9:53 am
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boss’s day was yesterday, and i am proud to say not one but TWO of my favorite editors sent me the following ecard:

granted, one of them added the tagline “not yet, anyway.” i’m still taking the compliment.

which card did i send *my* boss? well:

i added the tagline “Just kidding. this didn’t take long at all — i spent the rest of the day on facebook.”

live tweeting about loud, fast, sexy cars

my first drag racing experience went much better than i expected. my dad is a starter for NHRA, so i had the luxury of watching the races as a Very Important (But Totally Confused) Person. i attempted to capture the excitement of being down at the starting line by constantly updating, but for the most part, i was caught up by the very, very loud intensity of the sport.

Tweet!: The race car edition*
– getting stoked to see my dad tomorrow
– Oil change blah. 05:46 PM October 09, 2008
– Successfully avoided packing for the weekend trip. 10:41 PM October 09, 2008
– only a few hours till a beautiful, redneck weekend in Southern Virginnie. 10:04 AM October 10, 2008
– in my next life, i will have superpowers that prevent me from ever having to sit in a car for two hours at a time. 03:13 PM October 10, 2008
– Time for the road trip after a delicious outback dinner. 07:55 PM October 10, 2008
– Car died. But I think we’re fine now. 08:49 PM October 10, 2008
– Pretty sure robin loves my voice 09:37 PM October 10, 2008
– We made it… and apparently I’m overdressed in my unlaundered jeans. 10:28 PM October 10, 2008
– Drag racing 101 12:15 AM October 11, 2008
– For some reason no one believes we’re part of the race car staff. 11:52 AM October 11, 2008
– Standing on a stool to see like the rest of the kids. 12:19 PM October 11, 2008
– Its cool, we’re VIP. 12:32 PM October 11, 2008
– Had no idea what we were signing up for–just signed a waiver form. Hmm… 01:11 PM October 11, 2008
– Holy mackerel, holy cow! 01:19 PM October 11, 2008
– Ear plugs are sooo underrated. 02:24 PM October 11, 2008
– Apparently just cuz I’m VIP doesn’t mean I’m above leaving my fly down. 02:55 PM October 11, 2008
– I’ve injected so many fumes, I might be high. 03:16 PM October 11, 2008
– Uh that would actually be, I’ve inhaled too many fumes. Brain. Functioning. Slowly. 03:21 PM October 11, 2008
– I think we were just on TV! 03:31 PM October 11, 2008
– I will trade anyone one dead robin for a tall latte. 04:43 PM October 11, 2008
– Done for the day. Bring me to my hoodie and flips, Jeeves. 05:46 PM October 11, 2008
– Hilary duff and bitch brew is the perfect break from drag racing. 06:58 PM October 11, 2008
– Break’s over. Watching for my dad on espn now. 07:16 PM October 11, 2008
– Completely lost in smelly Petersburg. 09:11 PM October 11, 2008
– Bacon wrapped steak and booze… Mmmmmmmmmmmm. 10:34 PM October 11, 2008
– Just did the midget dance during the pre race espn show. 09:10 AM October 12, 2008
– Just witnessed a funny car record win. 11:32 AM October 12, 2008
– Who wears red pumps to a sporting event? 12:14 PM October 12, 2008
– I think we’re finally getting it today… 12:18 PM October 12, 2008
– I want a new car now. Or maybe just a vespa. 12:42 PM October 12, 2008
– Finally made it to the suite w the free food and drinks. Gah! about 23 hours ago
– Watching the finals. about 21 hours ago
– My weekend of drag racing is over. Here’s hoping I don’t get a speeding ticket on the drive home. about 18 hours ago

and that concludes my whirlwind race weekend. who knew that after 25 years of trying to understand my dad’s fascination with cars, i would finally have an appreciation for them? can’t wait to go back!

* pretty sure my dad didn’t appreciate my “geeking out” on my blackberry while standing two feet away from professional racers.

the tastier side of fall

i don’t like to talk about it, but i actually love to bake. don’t get any ideas — i’m not exactly a domestic diva, but i do like to whip some yummy smelling desserts when i’m feeling run-down or stressed. and, as i’ve mentioned before, october and the onset of cold, crappy weather makes me pretty miserable.

I generally buy a box of cake mix and throw it together in about 20 minutes — but what’s the fun in that? this year, i’m going to start baking from scratch (which i imagine will go tragically wrong), and i’m starting with some recipes i completely ripped off from some fellow bloggers:

pumpkin pancakes and brownies (both found from the first foodie site i regularly started reading, we are not martha)

LIGHT pumpkin spice cupcakes (without the pecans, thank you very much. i think i’ll add sprinkles.)

and just to break up the redundancy of all things pumpkin, i’m gonna try the french onion soup from my favorite oregon chef and vino buddy at seasoned to taste. she even added a heart to the top. awwwwwwww.


i’m also in the market for some vegan recipes for the dead robin, who might spontaneously combust if she gets near dairy products. anyone got any ideas? must be mildly tasty and go well with beer and boxed dvd sets.

ugh, it’s october

everywhere i look, people are writing about fall.

let me tell you what i like about fall and the impending months of dark gloominess:

pumpkin spice flavoring. halloween. and hoodies.

that’s it. there’s no convincing me otherwise.

(you now have sufficient warning for six months of my whiny grumpiness. here’s hoping you find my bitterness charming.)

i used to watch disney movies and that makes me cool

… which doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, except that i can name the seven dwarfs faster than three of my colleagues, and therefore, i get coolness points.

speaking of movies and mindless entertainment, i’m addicted to tv this fall. it’s getting ridiculous. a year ago, i watched one, maybe two, shows and only when i was really bored. this year, my sundays, mondays, tuesdays and thursdays are suddenly overpowered with brothers and sisters! gossip girl! fringe! the office! the other days of my week are filled with playing dvr catch-up.

i don’t know how people do this. when crazy eyes made a fall tv schedule a few years back, i mocked her viciously and shamelessly. now, i’m pretty sure my tv obsession is worse than hers and my head is pounding with useless knowledge about fictional pretty people and their in-no-way-realistic problems. then throw in the nonfictional pretty people and their in-no-way-realistic problems. seriously. when did i start caring about the hills or the girls next door or rachel zoe? and how do i get it to stop?!

the saddest part is that i haven’t even listed all the shows i actually watch in a week. or the ones that pithy and dead robin are trying desperately hard to turn me on to. or the football games i’ll be required to watch/sleep through in the upcoming months.

i’m afraid my perfectly crafted workout schedule is going to become extinct soon. any tips on how to conquer this zombie-like trance before it’s too late?