Flipflops in the Rain

sad news: took the fluffball to the kitty hospital this morning for a, um, bladder procedure.
she secretly loves the pink bag

she secretly loves the pink bag

sadder news: i may be joining her at the people hospital because my diet includes the somewhat regular consumption of chili’s honey bbq chicken crispers, which apparently have 1890 CALORIES and 99 GRAM OF FAT. not including the side of heart-attack-flavored fries dipped in ranch.

seems i may need to modify my fast food fast to exclude sit-down chains.


WHAT?! 1,890 calories?! You must stop eating those IMMEDIATELY!!!

Comment by 20-Something

I don’t know why you would eat at Chili’s, when you can have a bloomin’ onion at Outback.

Comment by Write Gal

seriously?! 99 grams of fat–How is that possible?

Comment by air e kuh

i know, it’s disgusting isn’t it? I also just found out my favorite “healthy” sandwich from Panera has an astounding 1,000 calories in it, too.

i quit life.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

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