Flipflops in the Rain

i was going to be cliche and call this post ch-ch-changes…

so i’m thinking about giving my bloggy blog a full body makeover — including deleting all the x365 posts since i obviously couldn’t keep that commitment. anyway, was looking for some feedback:

Is it ridiculous to delete my old (and in some cases, irrelevant) posts?

Check yes or no, and let me know what you think before recess.


Don’t do it! That’s like deleting history. I always tell people not to. Someday you might wonder what you wrote about and then it’s gone.

Also, I just started a new photo blog! Please add me to your blogroll and check it every day šŸ˜‰


Comment by Aaron

I just left you a comment and I think it disappeared.

Anyway, I think you should keep it. It’s deleting history. And if you ever wanted to see it again, it can’t come back.

Also, add my blog to your blogroll and check it every day!


Comment by Aaron

Holy Crap, she blogged!!!

I wouldn’t delete them. Maybe re-group them as something different.

Btw, this font on your blog is ridiculously small. Some of your readers are up in years, y’know.

Comment by Pithy

I agree with the rest. Don’t delete you’re posts. Even if you don’t want them online anymore archive them somewhere. You’ll appreciate going back in a few years to see where you were that time in your life.

Comment by Lauren

Don’t delete, silly girl. Unless you should be ashamed of something that you posted, but this doesn’t apply to you.

Comment by Write Gal

I think a site makeover is a good idea, but I wouldn’t delete any content or posts.

Comment by HotMonkey

First – I LOVE your new blog banner. Anything’s better than the pre-made templates! šŸ˜‰ Plus it goes so well with your avatar and your blog name.

And, why delete? You might enjoy the old ones some day.

Comment by 20-Something

I wouldn’t delete them. When I redid mine (the first time), I just hid/made private the ones I didn’t feel aligned well with the revamp… Good luck!

Comment by notesfromthelilypad

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