Flipflops in the Rain

ruining people’s pictures is apparently a legitmate hobby

as you can tell, i’ve been at a loss for words. my life has been altogether way too boring (or way too complicated, depending on whether you’re me or not) to try and capture in words.

until now.

there’s a photo gallery online dedicated to people like me!

this is not me:

but it could be.

i suspect my face will grace the pages of this gallery sooner rather than later. i’m actually kind of afraid…


That is one of my favorite time-wasters, allong with Engrish.com, PassiveAggressiveNotes.com and I Can Has Cheezburger.

Comment by The Write Gal

who let the stroke victim in?

Comment by Poem

oh. my. god. although, it does kinda look like you. i suspect it is you…

Comment by Lauren

seriously, I could just link that site to pics of you at my bday party and they would have enough material to last a year.

Comment by Flipflop photo victim

hey guys! i should submit my collection!

Comment by air e kuh

haha I have so many pictures from college where random guys jumped in the background and ruined our adorable pictures… it’s still pretty hilarious though.

Comment by Maxie

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