Flipflops in the Rain

in case you’re curious…

i’m pretty much over blogging.


what? that’s it???? you’re the one that got me into this shit in the first place. hmph…my next blog entry: how I forgot to take Flippy to the airports…oopsie

Comment by pithycomments

thppppt! not nice!

Comment by Poem

I didn’t necessary QUIT the blog. I’m just disclaiming the extended vacation I’ll be taking from it.

I was over facebook once upon a time, too — and now look at me!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

hmph…don’t make me post pics of Bizz’s dirrrrrrrty bloomers…

Comment by pithycomments

ok, I hear ya – forgiven. Vacation was fun but I’m way too uninspired to share via blogging. I figured my facebook mobile updates sufficed.

Comment by Poem

You’ll come crawling back. They always do.

Comment by The Write Gal

Meh. You weren’t writing enough about me anyways.

Comment by HotMonkey

I forecasted your creativity wane like Steve Pool.

Comment by pmottola

WriteGal: Yes, I will. I just admitted that, silly girl…. My father actually scolded me about this last night. Turns out he thinks I’m a pretty awesome writer — or he at least feels obligated to encourage me to follow my hopes and dreams since that’s the number-one rule of being a parent.

HM: Perhaps my next post will be all about your really exciting life of sitting in your basement stumbling for funny pictures of cats.

Paolo: this is a bi-coastal blog. Please use more general insults in the future.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

Ouch! Oooh it burns! It burns!!

I know somebody who’s not going to keep getting my funny lol cat pictures anymore.

And by the way, it’s not your “writing”, your dad only reads your blog to see my witty comments.

Comment by HotMonkey

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