Flipflops in the Rain

on hiatus

the past two weeks have been a mess of tears, frustrations, conferences, visitors, new employees, canceled obligations and a whirlwind of other activities that have left my brain reeling and my body begging to crash headfirst into bed and not wake up for days. until i can catch a break from the work-related stressors, i prefer not to spend my downtime staring at a computer screen. instead, i’ve been filling my evenings with exercise (yea!) and my weekends with sunshine.

so while i can’t say how long or short this bloggy break will be, i can say i can’t wait to be back, bragging about my fast food fast (seven weeks today!) and gushing about my new veronica mars dvds.



So you know how we’re always getting on you about your raccoon-phobia (like you could really miss it)? Well, true story. Tonight in the bathroom at work, I saw a bright 80’s neon-orange, no less than 2″ long (puny by deep in the rain forest standards) spider skittering around. Wherever there’s one, there must be 9023849023 more hidden. I’ll let you find the next one and show Chris Sr.

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Ahhh. posting on wrong blog post. FAIL.

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