Flipflops in the Rain

flippy ali

i’m going boxing tonight! i’m mildly nervous, but i have a (very, very, very) light background in martial arts and kickboxing (as in, i took a few rec classes in college), so it shouldn’t be toooo bad.

my main goal with this class is to find an extracurricular activity i can be passionate about — other than heavily drinking on the weekends. i went through a big yoga phase a couple months ago, but i’ve been finding it hard to motivate myself to attend classes lately (including the free twice-a-weeks my work provides at lunchtime). i’d say the best way to fall in love with a sport is to fall in love with the instructor’s teaching style. i’ve unfortunately not had great luck in the yoga department. whyyyyy would a “peaceful”, “soothing” yoga instructor feel the need to scream out the poses? i didn’t skip my lunch for boot camp — i skipped to unwind and forget about annoying customers. boxing, on the other hand… i *want* to be yelled at. i *want* to fight and kick ass.

if nothing else, this is probably a much more efficient way of getting out my aggression than stupid yoga.


I remember taking kickboxing with you in college. You had the crazy face.

Comment by The Write Gal

I was actually just telling my co-workers about how scared you were to spar with me and my crazy eyes!

Comment by flipflopsintherain

I can’t wait to see you again, I’m gonna get all Bruce “CastleMonkey” Lee on your ass.

Comment by Smugmonkey

mental image of the Attack of the Prancing Pony just came to mind…CastleMonkey’s body w/ Flippy’s head. It’s as disturbing as it sounds.

Bellydance, you want to bellydance!!

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

yay, we can spar together! Actually, I have no desire to actually hit flesh as flesh tends to hit back. I’m more than content punching and kicking the shit out of a bag, and occasionally my pad-clad instructor as he comes at me yelling combos.

Have a blast!

Comment by Poem

Ahhh, you’re going to be more scrappy than ever. Tiny fists attack!

Comment by Lauren

yeahi tried yoga once and i was NOT feeling it. i much prefer aggressive sports!! haha

Comment by libby

Yoga is good if you can honestly clear out your head…but i usually end up lying there thinking about all the laundry i need to get done. =(

Comment by Anonymous Amy

I hear you on the yoga- he yells and repeats the sameposes. Now… kick boxing on the other hand… BUT forget sparring with each other.. let’s go find people we can beat up!

Comment by thisgirl

As the last girl you took your aggressions out on physically, i think this might be a bad idea. I have the facebook album to prove it.

Comment by The Last Girl You Beat Up


Comment by keith

I am very upset that you are talking shit about Satyam. VERY upset.

Comment by Jennie Jenn

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