Flipflops in the Rain

case of the fridays

i’m already riled up and ready for the weekend — then pithy goes and turns me onto these bastards:

caffeinemaster 2000

i think the night janitors may find me convulsing in the bathroom tonight… so much for getting out of here early.

UPDATE: not gonna lie, i feel like i’m on drugs. not that i would know… but yowza. the warning level on the can should’ve been a sign for this non-rockstar.


You’ll thank me later when you’re energetically chasing your cat around the apt for her “digestive donation.”

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

Let me repeat: can’t get too much caffeine.. you should be thanking pithy

Comment by thisgirl

THAT looks like danger in a can! hahaha. thanks for stopping by the blog! (i can’t believe it’s almost been a year since i started ‘er up!)

Comment by libby

[…] what to my wondering eyes should appear but and yummy basket filled with caffeinated goodness!! Rockstars, Doublehots and chocolates, all with  that yummy yummy caffeine!! Thanks Flippy, Coach and […]

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