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my new self-esteem coach
May 2, 2008, 9:26 am
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After reading Wednesday’s post, my favorite frayend Alley sent me the following note, reminding me how much I miss her and how lucky I am to have friends who know just what to say even though they’re 3,000 miles away:

“You are beautiful and talented and everybody who meets you instantly loves you — don’t ever forget that!”

I wonder how much it would cost to hire her as my permanent ego booster…?



Comment by The Write Gal

Those are the best friends that remind you how wonderful you are!

Comment by Scarlett

I tell you that all the time. Jeesh.

Comment by SmugMonkey

God, I feel ya there. I’m in NYC and my best friends are in L.A. its rough but isnt it amazing how they pull through and remind you how lucky you are just when you need them? high five for good friends.

Comment by Chelsea Talks Smack

I have a counter statement that I’ll keep to myself at this time…

Alley is my resident ego booster, too. It’s a fine quality in a friend.

Comment by Paolo

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