Flipflops in the Rain

flippy ali

i’m going boxing tonight! i’m mildly nervous, but i have a (very, very, very) light background in martial arts and kickboxing (as in, i took a few rec classes in college), so it shouldn’t be toooo bad.

my main goal with this class is to find an extracurricular activity i can be passionate about — other than heavily drinking on the weekends. i went through a big yoga phase a couple months ago, but i’ve been finding it hard to motivate myself to attend classes lately (including the free twice-a-weeks my work provides at lunchtime). i’d say the best way to fall in love with a sport is to fall in love with the instructor’s teaching style. i’ve unfortunately not had great luck in the yoga department. whyyyyy would a “peaceful”, “soothing” yoga instructor feel the need to scream out the poses? i didn’t skip my lunch for boot camp — i skipped to unwind and forget about annoying customers. boxing, on the other hand… i *want* to be yelled at. i *want* to fight and kick ass.

if nothing else, this is probably a much more efficient way of getting out my aggression than stupid yoga.


nothing like waking up with a crick in my neck to remind me to pamper myself after a long, hard weekend of sleepin’ and drinkin’ and wii‘in.

so much for getting back into my yoga routine today. here’s to a date with aromatherapy and de-knotting of dee neck.

‘the girl who insisted on coming here’

i’m off to toronto for the next three days! although the 9-hour drive (one way!) makes my already overactive boredom sensors flare up up, i’m looking forward to seeing something new. since moving east, i’ve made a genuine effort to travel around the area and explore. in addition to the thrill i get from mini-adventures like this, it keeps the skin-crawliness to a minimum.

so anyway, i’m off on a road trip to canada with the boys who love to love and hate me. as you can see, we may kill each other within minutes… i haven’t been that far north since the dollar’s value dropped, so i’m thinkin’ we won’t be doing too much shopping. (to be completely honest, judgmental and stereotypical, though, their fashion senses aren’t exactly what you’d expect and i’m ok with not .) in fact, i’m not really sure what we’ll be doing, other than looking for landmarks i recognize from conan o’brien’s toronto stint.

hope everyone else has a fun, relaxing weekend planned!

is it called an entourage if the celebrity isn’t famous yet?

i just spent the better half of an hour trying to convince my crazy (in a good way) roommate to audition for The Bachelor.

in the end, i just decided i’d nominate her. i don’t like to brag, but my nominating skills are so awesome i made her cry (in a good way) and was asked by another friend to write her J Date profile. tell me this isn’t a reality-show celebrity in the making:

It’s hard to capture Sarah’s personality on paper because she’s literally larger than life. Tall, blonde and beautiful, Sarah turns heads every time she walks into a room. She can be a bit intimidating at first with her strong handshake and loud Midwestern drawl, but once she speaks to you, you realize she’s just a sweet, kind-hearted, slightly ditsy, small town girl. Her confidence covers up the fact that she’s dealt with lots of family turmoil and has had to fend for herself since a young age. She’s moved around a lot, and at this point in her life, she just wants some stability and companionship from a man who will love her as much as she loves him. Her loyalty, determination and fun-loving attitude would guarantee that she’d make an excellent competitor on the show, as well as the perfect girl to win the bachelor’s heart and final rose.

is it wrong that i’m this excited about shoving my friend into a world that thrives on turning its stars into train wrecks for the sake of entertainment?

(it should be noted that she actually wants to do this. i’m not just living vicariously through her. although, if she gets on, i most certainly will live vicariously through her… and at least abuse the pseudo-celebrity power to go to cool parties.)

oh, yeah…
May 21, 2008, 4:31 pm
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…and i just found out i’m a horrible cat mom. my “fluffy” princess has gained half her body weight in the 11 months i’ve had her. whoops!

i’m now required to feed her less and to exercise her 15 minutes a day. i’m so buying a leash.

crawling out of my skin.
May 21, 2008, 3:48 pm
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i’m often overcome by a feeling of needing to shed my skin and run away from myself. kind of like a snake only less creepy. it usually comes about if:

–i’ve been sitting in one place too long (i’d like to think 45+ hours a week in front of a computer will do that to almost anyone);
–i want to strangle some annoying co-worker(s) who won’t.stop.talking.louder.than.my.ipod.can.play (i’d like think being cooped in the same building with said obnoxious people for 45+ hours a week will do that to almost anyone);
–or i’m just absolutely, positively, ready-to-move-away-and-never-ever-come-back bored with my life (which happens more frequently than i’d like to admit).

today i’ve remembered there’s another time i want to shed my skin. when my skin not only doesn’t want to shed me, but it loves me so much, it wants to amass into larger growths of skin, preferably of the red, bumpy, disgusting, pimply kind right in the middle of my face.

i’m 25 (gah!) — when will i outgrow the remnants of my painful adolescence?

case of the fridays

i’m already riled up and ready for the weekend — then pithy goes and turns me onto these bastards:

caffeinemaster 2000

i think the night janitors may find me convulsing in the bathroom tonight… so much for getting out of here early.

UPDATE: not gonna lie, i feel like i’m on drugs. not that i would know… but yowza. the warning level on the can should’ve been a sign for this non-rockstar.

get in my belly!

i know you’re all dying to know how my fast food fast is going. weeeeelll. it’s going.

the problem with my new “diet” (three weeks tomorrow — yea!) is that i’m always, always hungry. Usually, pre-fast, gorging on a chikin sandwich and milkshake would fill me up for most the day. Now, i’m eating trail mix by the gallon, drooling over thoughts of Mexican food and wasting loads of money on snack foods for my desk (the rationale being that i won’t pop over to chik fil a or taco bell if i have enough food at my desk). even as i’m writing this, my eyes are wandering over to the box of triscuits. i’m. not. even. HUNGRY.

someone help me. how do i curb these cravings?

oh, yeah. and gym at least once a week? fail. how can i gym it when i’m bogged down by all this excess salty snack weight?

i declare tomorrow keep your thoughts to yourself day

(not intended for the easily offended.)

i’d like to think i’m a pretty good listener and an even better friend. but as of late, it seems that more and more people are discovering this, which leads to more and more conversations about negative topics, which leads to more and more negative thoughts infiltrating *my* outlook on life. which, in turn, makes me whiny, bitchy and annoying. like right now.

for example, this is what my inner dialogue looks like:
i don’t care that you don’t have any money right now. welcome to my life.
i don’t care that you hate your job. 50 to 99 percent of all americans do, too.
i don’t care that you have a troubled love life. hi, my name’s flippy, and i’m a recovering love-aholic with a side of unavailable men and reckless decisions.
i don’t care. i don’t care. i don’t care.

so for the next 24-36 hours, my ears are off limits. unless you wanna tell me how pretty i am.

(end rant.)

methinks i need this…
May 9, 2008, 3:47 pm
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