Flipflops in the Rain

‘spilled her coffee, broke her shoelace…’

when i heard fuel’s “bad day” on the radio last night, i didn’t realize it was gonna be such nasty foreshadowing in the life of me.

woke up late.
woke up cranky.
woke up sore from yoga.
woke up with puffy, puffy eyes from an allergy attack.
had a quick roommate bitchfest.
hit ridiculous traffic. again.
couldn’t start my craptastic computer.
found out my ‘puter’s hard drive committed suicide. already.
spent most the morning not working. and not in a fun way.
spent a lot of money i don’t have.
had to make a lunch, per the fast food fast.
burnt my hand on lunch.
dropped my hot lunch facedown on the dirty floor and into an open box of printer paper.
dropped hot lunch in front of coworker.
cried over hot lunch. (who cries over dropping something?!)
smoked a cigarette.
taste like an ashtray.
dreading softball game tonight.
driving to game tonight equals no booze.
can’t skip game or team will have to forfeit.
annoyed by coworker’s voice.
annoyed with my negative attitude.
not changing my negative attitude anyway.

Today. FAIL.


It could have been worse…you could have been Sparky-ed. Unless he was the coworker that witnessed the hot lunch suicide. In that case, I have no words of encouragement and will remind you that it’s down the river, not across the stream.

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

3 days….Fast food break FAIL (maybe the lunch falling face down on the floor was karma for getting fast food?) . prweb after you left tonight, FAIL. How did life ever make it before FAIL blog?

Comment by bedouin sherpa

Scott comment fail! I’m still off the fast food sauce… 5 days!

Comment by Flippy

Yeah.. this pretty much sounds like an average day for me… lots of walking into walls, dropping things… maybe I am rubbing off on you?

Comment by thisgirl

OH yikes! That’s pretty bad. I’m sorry Cari! I hope today is better! 😉

Comment by 20-Something

I got a bad paper cut at the gym last night. Only I would injure myself is such a way at a freakin’ gym.

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

True story…reading between the lines in blog post, SUCCESS.

Comment by bedouin sherpa

yikes that is…FAIL.

:/ sorry for the craptacular day…maybe the game will get rained out?? is it still raining? it was earlier..i think..maybe…

Comment by legallyheidi

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i blame it on tuesdays. they alwayssss suck. i’m sorry you had a bad day! i hope tomorrow is better.

Comment by Working Girl Two

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