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endorphins make you happy!

i’m so proud of myself it makes me wanna puke:
i went to the gym last night. for two hours (ish).

and i rocked. (well, i rocked harder than most out-of-shape, slightly round, lazy lil ladies out there.) i ran, i biked (i hate biking), i stretched. and THEN i sweated out all my toxins in the sauna.

and i loved it. (literally — cloud nine all night, which is saying a lot considering the funk i was in the rest of the day because of the rain.)

and i plan to go back tonight. as a reformed tomboy/athlete, i always forget how much i enjoy the overwhelming serenity of a good workout. again, if i just put it out there on the internet, i now have some form of accountability.

on that note, day four of no fast food. amber and i have joined together in the fight against chik fil a. (restaurants with no drive-thru’s don’t count.)


instead of rushing out to Target and buying 27 Dresses, I will cautiously teeter to the other building and workout. The things I do for a smaller ass.

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

i need to jump back on the going to the gym bandwagon :/ i was half thinking of going to a ballet or spinning class tonight but…it’s the case of the cramps and a big part of me knows this is one of my only nights to relax at home and i kind of want to do just that before i spend TOMORROW night working at the gym too :/ *sigh*

Comment by legallyheidi

hmm.. the gym.. I remember it there. Ok, I was totally going to get sweaty with Miss Manhattan up thre… instead I opted on lots of sushi with mom.

Comment by thisgirl

3.25 miles on the elliptical. 🙂

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

to be fair, the only reason i’m trying to hop back on the bandwagon is because of those stupid skinny bitches on america’s next top model. if it weren’t for those stupid modelathons on mtv every day, i’d be perfectly content lying on my couch eating taco bell.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

Um, I watch the modelathons but then find i have done nothing but sit and watch tv for 5 hours. Not so much giving me a solution as contributing to the problem

Comment by thisgirl

I used to watch Ann Coulter on Fox News when I hit the gym treadmill (some jerks always monopolized the remote). Talk about something that will get your heart rate up!

Comment by The Write Gal

This is why I watch the sci-fi channel. Everyone is an alien, all weird looking and overweight. It’s great for my self-esteem AND I don’t feel the need to work out after watching it.

Come watch sci-fi with me and I’ll get the taco bell. 😉

Comment by Smugmonkey

Mmmmm http://www.zagat.com/promo.aspx?pn=37&zagatbuzzid=may07week3. Chick fil-A scored in the top 5 of all four Large and Small categories…tho clearly the results are worthless b/c one of my favorites, taco hell, isn’t listed anywhere 😦

Comment by bedouin sherpa

I like to eat while watching ANTM, cuz you know those skinny bitches can’t eat. Take that Naima and CariDee! ‘Course, then I get depressed cuz I’m fat, but I usually start watching Top Chef to take my mind off my fatness. Then I get hungry again. Vicious cycle.

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

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