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if i say it on the internet, i guess i have to do it…

… i’m going to the gym tonight.

i’m going to the gym tonight, and i’m going to like it. i’m going to run, i’m going to sweat, and i’m going to make my muscles scream at me.

and i’m going to start going three times a week at least once a week.

and i’m going to forget chik fil a exists.

and if the Caps win tonight (WHEN! WHEN the Caps win tonight!) and my roommate tries to get me to go out drinking to celebrate, i’m not going to do it.

i’m not going to drink and i’m going to the gym and i’m no longer eating chikin and i’m going to like my decision on all counts.

there. i said it. so now i gotta do it.


Your hot little body will make it worth it!

Plus, there’s probably plenty of eye candy at the gym…isn’t that why everybody goes?

Comment by Anna

I admire your dedication. Especially with the upcoming company party/open bar/buffet on Thursday. Oh, wait….FAIL. 😉

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

“When the Caps win tonight”?!

Wow. You really are becoming East coast.


Comment by 20-Something

I’m with you in spirit. (takes another bit of quarter pounder…)

Comment by SmugMonkey

Woo! Let’s hear it for enthusiasm! That’s all it takes!

Comment by Angela

Um pretty sure saying it on the internet just means more people will mock you when you go to chick fil a on friday..

Comment by thisgirl

yeah i told myself sunday that i’d totally go to that 615a spinning class with my friend…

unfortunately at 545 when my alarm went off…not so much.

and my gym clothes? have been sitting next to my desk at work all day long to go swimming during lunch. Have i gone? Not so much.

On top of that…did i mention I work at a gym part time? And i’m certified to teach abs classes? yeah. i do and i am. Yet i HATE the gym.

Comment by legallyheidi

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