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as promised, i’ve been fairly silent since the beginning of april. that doesn’t mean my life has been the same.

since we last met:

– my quarter century mark passed without a hitch. (well, at least, i don’t remember much of a hitch. rumor has it i did fall face first into a cat-piss-covered futon at an apartment just outside of denver after throwing back shots of tequila and yelling at my friend for paying more attention to a trio of creepy men than her Royal Birthdayness.)

– speaking of denver, it’s gorgeous there. i miss mountains.

– took a work trip back to my homeland where i tried to squeeze in seeing all the people i love (except poem, who makes it a point to avoid the office when i’m around), several hours of meetings and planning sessions, frequenting martini bars and other haunts of my past, and catching up on sleep. excedrin pm is my new best friend.

– i got me another “al castle rocks” t-shirt. (be jealous.) actually, got me another three “al castle rocks” t-shirts because, in classic al castle form, the genius behind the t-shirt wasn’t sure what size i am now since i’ve surely gained weight since he last saw me.

– i had my first bridesmaid breakdown for the wedding i’m in this summer. after hopping from plane to plane and driving up and down washington state, earlier-mentioned denver friend’s mother made me burst into tears after i showed up two hours late to a bridal shower i wasn’t even supposed to be at — further proof that weddings are the devil and that i should not be forced into familial obligations when i’m jet-lagged, cranky and retardedly hungover.

– april 15. tax day. need i say more? well, i will. virginia tax day is coming up, too, and my bank account is quickly dwindling. my new year’s resolution isn’t going so well.

– my newer resolution to cut back on the chik fil a and get back into shape is also not going so well. i think if you take the time to sign up for a gym membership, you should automatically lose 5 pounds for showing initiative. that would be a much better motivator than the weekly “you’re-a-fat-ass” e-mails they send me.

– Pithy and i went to Shecky’s Girls Night Out. For $25, we got free goody bags and samples. The goody bags were pretty much worth it (i now have a lifetime supply of shampoo and lotions), but the next time i pay money for “free food and beverages” i’d better get more than a lean cuisine topped off by a drop of vodka — especially when i venture into a high-brow city event with the plague i carried back from the pacific northwest. (my apologies now to any lovely ladies i may have infected with my whooping cough.) i did, however, help convince Miss Pith to throw a Slumber Party. should make for a rollickingly inappropriate good time.

– i’ve gone back to my roots quite literally. it’s been four years since i decided i’d had enough of my over-possessive blonde-loving college boyfriend and grabbed my first box of auburn-brown dye. my love affair with the dark side continued through my lindsay lohan girl-crush days and on, ’til i fell for kristen bell’s blonde pixie cut. which brings me to today. i’m blonde again.

– i joined a co-ed softball team, which plays its first game on Wednesday. although i grew up playing the sport, i haven’t thrown, caught or hit a ball in about eight years and i’m absolutely terrified. i joined this so-called “drinking league” after being promised no one would be too competitive and i’d get lots of free beer. 16 THOUSAND e-mails later, i’m convinced these were just lies to get more women on the team so they wouldn’t have to forfeit.

– two tornadoes touched down in maryland last night. ummmm, excuse me?? they have tornadoes in maryland? whose idea was it to move east again? where’s the sunshine and humidity i signed up for?


waaaaah….I want an Al Castle Rocks t-shirt. It would go so well with this hacking cough, congestion and impending fever…

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

It’s not that I’m avoiding the office, I think it’s the universe karmically protecting you from the clutches of my abduction van.

Comment by Poem

I WOULD have worn the shirt IF some “friends” had come to the focuspoint show in Bellingham.

“…the genius behind the t-shirt [was that he] wasn’t sure what size i am now since i’ve surely gained weight since he last saw me.”

That made me laugh, in the “laughing with you” way, not the “laughing at you” way.

Comment by Paolo

i went to that shecky’s event! i was not too impressed but the mangotini’s? Those were incredible and i probably threw back like…six before i was like “okay these girls are going to think i’m a boozehound…”

and when was your birthday?! I just celebrated my quarterlife on the 12th of april. I’m still celebrating though cause i got stood up by my former roommates, and had a big falling out with a friend of mine the day before. I want to redo that celebration sometime soon…yeahhhh.

Comment by legallyheidi

Pithy, I think you’re actually next on the list to receive a shirt.

Poemy, maybe i wanna see the inside of your van. Ever think of that, hmmmmm?

P, I WOULD have come to the show if i hadn’t been drinking pitchers of beer and kicking ass at bowling. Plus, I don’t think the biggest shirt would’ve fit you. (laughing WITH you, my dear, WITH you.)

Speaking of beer, Heidi, boozehounds are my favorite type of hounds! The painful 2-5 mark was April 3, when I was met with rounds of birthday wishes revolving around the common theme of “does this mean you’re finally going to grow up and act your age?” … ahhhhhhh, late 20s. Sooo looking forward to you.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

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