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i’m here, but i’m really gone.

i’ve been MIA lately, as I’ve been turning my attention away from my (craptastic) computer and toward spiritual enlightenment and personal well-being. I’ve joined a gym, bought some books and vowed to start eating healthier.

Instead, I’ve gone to the gym twice and become obsessed with sitting on my (roommate’s) new couch while watching TV shows that other people have long since preached about: Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Gilmore Girls… I can’t pull myself away from my (roommate’s) new flat-screen in the living room — unless, of course, to grab a glass of wine, beer or some other form of liquid deliciousness. I’ve also managed to get some much-deserved retail therapy* in as the sweet, sweet, remaining hours of my early 20s rapidly diminish.**

So as you can see, I’ve been extremely busy lately. I apologize for the lack of updates and warn you that they’ll probably be even further and far between these next few weeks as I hop back and forth across the country.

*In the throes of my impending quarter-life crisis, I apparently decided to buy $40 lip gloss. Please do not let me give this lip gloss away to a homeless person in lieu of cash. (it’s strangely enough been known to happen.)

** Please also do not hurt me for insinuating that life is over at 25. I know most of my readers are part of the walking dead and still in denial about it. I’m just helping you come to terms with it. We can be here for each other in this time of darkness.


Thanks. Really. Walking dead? thpppt. I have a special corner in my abduction van for younglings just like you.

Comment by Poem

A) you forgot to mention Scrabulous.
B) Be very glad you’re traveling because I might just beat you with my walker while I throw my dentures at you.

Youngsters…no respect.

Comment by DC is my Manhattan

Wow- u r totally right. We are all going to move into a nursing home and start making arrangemenst for the mummification process… not that we arent all dried out anyway.

Comment by thisgirl

HAPPY BIRTHDAY babes. Love you lots.
My computer is craptastic too. I dropped it and it has slivered into pieces that stab my lit-tle hands.

Comment by bethers

The walking deads salute you! I am 32. I also happen to like ‘Brothers and Sisters’, if only because that show was a lifesaver of sorts when I was stuck on a small island, catatonic with depression with only cable TV for company. As for the lipgloss, well, everyone deserves a treat every now and then so no need to self-hate. Self-celebrate instead, it’s much more fun!

Comment by Ariel

I look like one of those half-dead dudes in the Thriller video now.

Comment by Paolo The Italian Battalion

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