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March 5, 2008, 2:11 am
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you might remember a little project i started participating in a few months back. No, the self-proclaimed blogging god’s bitter criticism of the project didn’t stop me from writing. instead, I stopped at number 67, partially out of respect for a family friend and partially from the lack of motivation i have when it comes to follow-through. (Methinks laziness is perhaps my biggest character flaw — although this topic is not up for debate.)

I think I’m gonna start again. I can’t promise it’ll be an everyday thing like I originally planned. But I can promise I’ll at least (pretend to) try and write every day.

So without further ado… see my next post.


Dammit. I thought I won that war. I can’t believe you’re pulling a Hillary.

Comment by Paolo The Italian Battalion

Like I said, that 365 project is only fun for the first week. And by “fun,” I mean fun for me. And by “me,” I mean readers who have no idea who all these people are, don’t get the inside jokes and thus don’t care.


Comment by Anna

Anna, you are cold-blooded and cruel.

Comment by Paolo The Italian Battalion

Paolo, don’t use friends’ blogs to insult me. And by me I mean your superior.

Comment by Anna

I think the 365 Project is really interesting. I always enjoy reading people’s posts even if I don’t know the person they are referring to. For some reason it allows writers to express in brutal, shortened honesty what might have otherwise been covered up by the blah blah blah of normal writing (which I am now demonstrating). It kinda reminds me of Post Secret, actually.

You go girl! 😉

Comment by SarahBeth

[…] thinking before i act. bottling up my anger. sticking my foot in my mouth. acting stubborn. acting lazy. acting passive aggressive. needing to win. wanting what i can’t have. biting my nails. […]

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