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February 14, 2008, 1:00 am
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i realized this year that i’m in love with valentine’s day. yes, i know it’s sickening, and yes, i’m even disgusted in myself. i’m a disgrace to jaded single girls everywhere.

but i’m still in love.


here’s to a day that celebrates wine, candy and pink hearts! I don’t know about you, but i plan on buying myself flowers, dressing in my comfiest sweats and spending the evening gossiping about love gone wrong and getting silly drunk with my girlfriends.

seriously — how can so many people dread this Hallmark-concocted holiday?



Comment by twogirlsviews

Actually, Valentine’s Day began way before Hallmark was around. Since it’s religious, it goes back centuries. But that’s not to say Hallmark totally pillaged the Saint’s day for its own material purposes.

Remember reading “Hamlet” in high school and Ophelia talks about V-day? Maybe not a good reference because she ends up killing herself…

I’ll never forget my favorite single Valentine’s Day with you, Cari: waking up in the middle of the night, SATC long gone on the tv, three drunken girls sprawled over an apartment with empty ice cream containers and wine bottles around.

Comment by Anna

i feel sorta the same way. even though my signifant other is out of town, i’m actually still super happy and excited to spend vday with my best friends, getting wasted while bowling and singing karaoke. we did it last year too, so now it’s a bit of a tradition.

PLUS, i’m ridiculously cheesy and love being able to get decked out in red. i’m wearing a black sweater with red hearts all over it, heart earrings and red heels. there’s no other day you can do that besides vday1

i heart you!

Comment by 20Something

LOL. I think I posted the polar opposite to your blog today. 😉

Happy Valentine’s!

Comment by SarahBeth

Cari, I’m glad that you can openly share your love for your cat. Good for you!

Comment by Paolo The Italian Battalion

I’m late in saying it, but Happy Valentines day to my favorite midget.

Comment by Al Castle

I’ve been meaning to tell you that I got your Valentine in the mail, thanks honey!

Comment by Anna

I spent Val Day this year with my roommate, a bottle of champagne, strawberry shortcake and season 3 of Entourage. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like Adrian Grenier!

Comment by lily

I cannot beleive you posted this….sigh.

Comment by Jen

Awww, it was a perfect VDay! 🙂 Love ya!!

Comment by Rachael

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