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my geek chic level is rapidly dropping.

bye bye, Mac.
bye bye, happiness.
hello, ugly PC.
I think I’m gonna cry.
Good-bye, my wonderful glorious Mac, good-bye.

(*sung to tune of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bye Bye Love,” of course)

It’s a sad, sad week at the office for me. The evil-doers in the IT department are confiscating my precious Macbook Pro and dumping an icky, clunky PC laptop on me. I’m not sure when I became such a Mac whore, but I suspect it was about a year ago, thanks to Smugsy.

Bye Photobooth (and creepy pictures of my cat).

Bye easily configured wireless Internet.

Bye iLife.


Oh the horror – bad IT, bad! PC = Piece o’ Crap

Now you’re gonna be all screwed up on your keyboard shortcuts. Poor Cari. 😦

If it will help ease the pain, I’ll kick a penguin for you.

Comment by Poem

Poor frayend! Was your Mac hot pink?

Comment by Anna

Yet another reason that this IT dept. is scary and not as cool as the West Toast IT dept. There they give you Macs, here they take them away.


Comment by pithycomments

What a tragedy. I too am subjected to the evil world of PCs at my job. Blech.

Comment by SarahBeth


Mac lovers unite! Death to all PCs!

Comment by 20Something

Look, I’m a fan of Macs, too, but they’re just WAY too expensive. You really can get the same PC for half the price, which makes sense to businesses (namely those who don’t do film, music or design) and makes sense to me while I make fewer than six figures.

Comment by Paolo The Italian Battalion

Cari: The fact you realize the PC they’ll give you is not as good as your Mac means you’re still geek. Geek chics are freaking cool. Si.

Poem: You should kick whomever is supposed to be in charge over there. This wouldn’t have happened on my shift.

Pithy: The residue coolness from when I left is slowly swirling down the drain over there. Now there are only individual puddles of coolness – no cohesive, more than the sum of its coolness, coolness. It’s all quite complicated, but you get my point.

Paolo: Poor Paolo, I had such hopes for you. A Mac is more than just the hardware, it’s the amalgam of the operating system which has been designed and optimized for each component of the hardware. Windows in its various flavors are designed to run (I use that term loosely) on most any generic hardware, whereas OSX is designed to *perform* on its hardware.
A Mac is a superb piece of engineering as well – a balance of features, performance, and aesthetics.
Macs also include, by default, premier utilities and applications designed to specifically and optimally work with the hardware, just like the base operating system. Not some sort of trial software that’s designed to run on any number of platforms.
There are not various marketing driven crippled operating versions for the Mac. No Basic, Home, Media, Enterprise, Ultra or whatever Windows calls them. There is simply OSX and OSX Server.

While the cost per unit is much more for Macs versus PCs, the total cost of ownership is comparable. Lower rate of infections from malware, tighter inherit OS security, licensing at the business server level is much cheaper. For example, I have 100 PC users. In order to maintain the updates, provide support, company wide applications and application settings and so forth requires much in the way of licensing. And don’t even get me started on MS product licensing it can be quite confusing.
There’s simply so many detailed points I could make, I tire at the thought of it.

Let me put it this way.

What you just said is akin to saying your Pinto is the same difference, but cheaper than my Mercedes.

I can’t believe they let you vote.

Cari: Sorry for using your blog as a soapbox.

Comment by Al Castle

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