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i could be a scientist.
February 7, 2008, 9:40 am
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BREAKING NEWS: Couples bug each other over long periods of time.

Seriously? This is research? I’m not even married and my future husband* is already on my nerves.

More proof that my cynicism toward relationships is not completely unfounded, I guess.

*Said future husband has not yet proposed nor introduced himself to me.



and I could be a science experiment… who knew I was proof.

Comment by twogirlsviews

Science involves math at some point, right? Great, further proof that I am screwed.

Comment by pithycomments


boys generally bug me after a long period of time. they’re stupid… ewwwww.

Comment by 20Something

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Not sure if you could be a scientist.

But a sociologist, certainly.

Comment by Paolo

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