Flipflops in the Rain

taking business casual to new lows.

College professors, characters on the “The Office” and my parents have always said, “don’t dress for the job you have — dress for the job you want.”

as i was rushing out the house this morning, cursing the gods for not giving me enough time to shower and/or make coffee, i looked down at my outfit and realized — “i must want to be a lazy pig of a soccer mom when i grow up.”

i didn’t even dress this disgusting when i worked retail.



My underwear is on inside out. Top that.

Comment by Al Castle

i didn’t know you dreamed of being my sister-in-law? Oh and hey I may not wash my clothes often but I do shower…

Comment by twogirlsviews

Al’s wearing underwear??? When did that start??

Comment by pithycomments

I’d say a lot of women become a “lazy pig of a soccer mom when i grow up,” so maybe you’re in line to join the masses.

My work dress recently ranges from my wanting to aspire to either become a hiphop star or politician (depends on if I’m seeing clients or not).

All this time I thought you were aspiring to be a beach bum.

Comment by Paolo

That same advice went through my head this morning when I was donning yet another Star Wars tee for work. So I changed into more professional attire, and after being at work for 20 minutes, spilled an entire cup of coffee on my Banana Republic dress shirt ruining it. Thank god I changed!

Hope you’re well!

Comment by Shanna

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