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that getting out of debt thing.

Ah, money. What I wouldn’t give to live without you. Wait. That’s inaccurate. I already live without you. Yet you still manage to cause such a burden in my life (and even more so in the lives of those closest to me, but that’s a whole other story).

This year, i’m conquering you, money. I will capture you and lock you up in an airtight account where no one but me can get to you. And I will keep you there just long enough to give you to the sadistic bill collectors who clog up my e-mail inbox every month. No longer will you get to enjoy reckless shopping sprees where you disappear and i end up with heinous shirts i only end up wearing once. Gone are the days of buying rounds and rounds of shots for people i hardly know. Goodbye fast food and lattes — it’s homemade lunches and free office coffee for me, and Visa smorgasbords for you.

Don’t worry, money. We’ll still see each other once in awhile. Just not as often. Ya see, I recently did some math and discovered we would have a much stronger relationship if I used you to better myself — not that the years of buying overpriced clothes, drinking far too much and eating crappy food weren’t fun. It’s just that, I’ll be 25 soon. And when I was little (when I still thought you grew on a magical tree at my daddy’s store), I thought I’d be in a much different place when I hit 25. I thought I’d own a castle in the middle of a deserted island with servants catering to my every wish. And while I’m not doing so terribly, I’d still like to own something resembling that dream sooner rather than later.

I hope you understand what this means, money, and i hope you’ll do your darnedest not to tempt me. Stop convincing me to “window shop” or meet up with my friends for “just a drink or two.” This spending detox will be good for both of us, I promise.


Um.. honey chipotle chicken is totally reasonably priced though, right? And what do you mean daddy’s money tree isn’t real.. surely you jest?

Comment by twogirlsviews

My dearest OpenToeShoeExposedToAtmosphericMoisture,

All this time, you’ve taken and spread me around…with your friends. (shudder) Used me to get everything you wanted. What did I ever ask for from you? Have I ever complained?!

Damn you for your “rational thinking”. You can’t hold out against me forever.

I’ll be back.

Comment by Money

It’s not so much money you are cursing, as easy credit and debt. A few years ago I worked to put myself on the positive side of money. It wasn’t easy, but it felt so good when I got to the point where I was in control of my money, and it wasn’t controlling me. One thing that helped me was to look at how much I spent on interest during the year, and gave myself that money as my reward when I got my credit card payed off. Also make sure to give yourself a little bit of spending money every month. When you feel deprived is when you overspend. Good luck!

Comment by Allegories

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