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i’m back home, rockin’ sweats and a mild New Year’s Day hangover with my cat. i intended to blog a lil bit about how great it was to see my favorite Seattle-ites and how i’m so looking forward to getting out of debt (New Year’s Resolution Numero Uno). Instead, i’ve been sucked into VH1’s week-long Modelathon and I can’t focus on anything other than hair dye and new clothes (which totally goes against that getting out of debt thing). I don’t know what it is about watching a bunch of pretty, photogenic drama queens, but i’m completely enthralled by ‘Shanthrax’ cheating on her boyfriend, Cassie’s possible eating disorder and Amanda’s bitchiness.

i think i should be more of a diva. maybe it will make me look taller.


it’s shows like this that make me wish i’d just suck it up and pay for cable every month. trashy reality tv show is the best! in fact, while playing a game last night, i couldn’t decide which i like more, bookstores or reality tv. it’s a toss up, really. happy new cari! xo

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it wasn’t a hangover, it was a junk food coma.

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