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‘love actually’ crushes the soul.

i came home intent on telling you all the real reason i lost my christmas spirit — it was sucked out dry by the miles and miles of red brake lights lined up in front of me on the commute home from work. but then i thought, no, no — my friends all think i’ve become an apathetic sap and whining about the hours i spend in traffic each week will only further cement this theory. so instead, i lit some cranberry-scented candles and curled up on the floor to watch “Love Actually” with a cup of gingerbread tea. i was going to rediscover my christmas spirit!

mission not accomplished.

did anyone actually pay attention to this movie when it came out three years ago? it is so f*cking sad! i literally had tears streaming down my face as i watched scene after scene of lives destroyed from the bittersweet intensity of love lost.

sigh. it may be time to bust open that vodka and put in some charlie brown.


for the record, “love actually” is one of my favorite movies. i just don’t think it helped my grinchiness.

Comment by flipflopsintherain

While the fact that Laura Linney’s character did not bang out the HOOOOOOOOOOTTTTIE graphic designer does bring tears to my eyes, the movie had moments that should have brought the MidgetGrinch out of her funk. I recommend watching again and just pausing the screen while Rodrigo Santoro disrobes.

Repeat as often as needed, but I would refrain from licking the screen. Tastes funny…or so I’ve heard. Not that I would EVER do such a thing…

Comment by pithycomments

I agree. Laura Linney’s story is the most heartbreaking from a “love lost” point of view. You should have drank champagne and watched SATC with audio commentary, like we did…

Comment by Anna

Laura Linney’s character’s storyline never fails to annoy me. Her brother is in a facility where there are staff to watch him. Why couldn’t she hadn’t answered the phone just that one time so she could get it on with that absolutely but unbelieveably amazing man? Surely a staff member would’ve pulled the phone out of her brother’s hand if he started clobbering himself in the head. Arrrgghh!

For the record, the scene that makes me sob is the one with Emma Thompson standing in the bedroom listening to Joni Mitchell.

(Arrived at your blog via Lillipili…)

Comment by jaded

**’Why could she have answered the phone…’ is obviously what i meant to say above.

Comment by jaded

[…] beating DC rush hour with Jimmy Eat World blaring in the background? Priceless. Posted by flipflopsintherain Filed […]

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