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kiefer sutherland takes….

I’ve decided i’m completely computer illiterate. (considering i work for a computer software company, this is not such a great conclusion.)

all i wanted to do was post the old youtube clip of kiefer sutherland* taking out a christmas tree to celebrate my weekend trip to NYC where i will revel in the lights of times square, spend hundreds of dollars i don’t have on christmas presents and drink copious amounts of spiked eggnog. i’m pretty sure this is a simple enough task. in fact, i know it is — i’ve done it before. but alas, i got bored trying to figure it out.

Anyway, do yourself a favor (esp. if you have a case of the Fridays like I do…), and click on the above link — even if you’ve seen it before. i heart jack bauer.

*In retrospect, it may be a bit cruel to post a drunken clip of someone who’s serving a jail sentence for DUI. But dammit, that clip captures the holiday spirit (and pirates) at its best.

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