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forgive me, Reader, for i have sinned.
November 21, 2007, 2:56 pm
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it’s been several hours since my last confession. i have since been ridiculed and mocked by the one blogger whose approval i desperately desire. I’m sappy, over-the-top and — even worse — ambiguous. In addition to that, I bite my nails.

All i really want is for paolo to accept me into the blogosphere with open arms. my blog was the one place i felt sanctuary from the cruel Web 2.0 world — and he’s ripped that away from me. now, here i stand, succumbing to the only tried and true tactic for winning him (and his loyal followers) back over — talking about him and raving about his greatness.

So, dear Reader, let it be known, i will repent for my sin of talking about my feelings for other people. from this day forward, i will take every judgment paolo makes as fact and i will stop wearing my heart and guilty conscience on a sleeve.

or not. but i guess i’ll try a little harder to entertain instead of preach. well, i’ll at least consider it.


Paolo’s ego over his blog is the same or larger than his ego over himself. He’s always ridiculing posts of mine.

I guess I could brag to him that my dating blog gets 11,500 hits a month… 1/4 of his total hits in two years. But, I won’t.

Paolo could learn a little bit of humility from the rest of us.

Keep up with your own style! Blogs are meant to only be what you want them to be, and I like yours! 😉

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