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eat more chikin.
November 15, 2007, 2:52 pm
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i just ate two chicken sandwiches from the new chick fil a down the street. I have a third unopened sandwich sitting next to me. my stomach is convulsing and i want to keel over in fullness pains. but the smell is intoxicating and the sweet, sweet taste is calling out to me… i just might have to go for it.

everyone in my office warned me about the deliciousness that is this seemingly average fast food restaurant. despite my skepticism and best efforts to not jump on the chikin bandwagon, i found they were right. i may have had what some might call a religious experience. and — judging by the dozens of other coworkers wandering around with chick fil a bags — i’m not alone.

hmm… on that note, perhaps i could auction off my third sandwich?

or not.

… and her gravestone read “death by chiken.”


And to think you ever doubted me! What’s the opening bid on that sandwich?

Comment by Chris

I tried to warn you… who woulda thought.. add a pickle to a chicken sandwhich and it becomes ever so delectable

Comment by twogirlsviews

I ate there a few times in Baton Rouge. I didn’t think it was different or special?

Perhaps I was wrong. But most likely not.

Comment by Bru

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