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she’s not fat — she’s fluffy.
November 5, 2007, 9:12 pm
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This would be the lil fluffball who stole my heart five months ago. there’s a chance she’s spoiled rotten. and there’s a possibility this has led to a slight weight gain. but you wouldn’t tell a girl that the love of her life was a fatty now, would you? So from now on, when you talk about my baby, you will use the following words: beautiful, fluffy, adorable or purrrrrrrfect. Fat, chubby, huge and diet — not acceptable.

Thank you for your time. I hope we’re all clear.


She’s a beautiful kitty. I’m sure she’s just settling into a comfortable weight for her age that’s completely normal. Or it could be now that winter is coming on she’s fluffing up to keep warm.(p.s. I’m jealous.)

Comment by SmugMonkey

OMG she’s so adorable, I can’t believe there would be an asshole out there who would tell you otherwise! She’s definitely not fat, she’s FLUFFY! My cat on the otherhand… she’s pretty much a fatty. 😉

Comment by SarahBeth

Can’t resist her, she’s beautiful, fluffy, adorable, purrrrrrrfect!

I’ve had my cat only slightly longer. She is also spoilt and just might be facing the whole ‘thin is beautiful’ crap that society heaps on us today also 😉

Comment by lillipilli

This is what happens when you buy more food for your cat than you do for yourself…

Comment by Matt

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