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fifteen: elise.
November 3, 2007, 6:16 pm
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friends at first sight, we sing songs about absolutely everything and crack each other up without even trying. i can’t wait for turkey day.


[…] up much better than i originally expected. for one, i had the pleasure of talking to two of my best friends and my lil brother. for two, bizzi bear won’t leave my side. and for three, […]

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[…] 10, 2007 this weekend was awesome — but i definitely hate the tree. i hope you, me and elise live near each other (maybe in ashville) soon. Posted by flipflopsintherain Filed in 24 words […]

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[…] such a diverse group congregating in one place. These women literally only had one common interest. Elise, Sara and I probably stuck out like sore thumbs, but we had a blast. I was apprehensive (to say the […]

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