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you know you’re getting old when…
November 1, 2007, 9:09 pm
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a. your niece turns 11 and you catch yourself saying things like “i remember the day you were born.”
b. your now-11-year-old niece gets a cell phone for her birthday and you catch yourself saying things like “isn’t she a bit young for a cell phone?!”

but seriously. what 11-year-old needs a cell phone?


oh man. i volunteer on mondays, tutoring kids, and they all have cell phones. i’m trying to get 13 year olds to do their homework, and they’re talking on their cell phones. who the hell does a 13 year old have to talk to?

Comment by 20Something

I believe it’s about time for your mid-life crisis.

Comment by SmugMonkey

Oh, great. Well, at least you’re an expert and you can help me get through it. What kind of flashy sports car should I buy?

And actually, I thought about it… when I was 11, I talked on the phone for hours at a time. Drove my parents nuts. Maybe my sister was on to something with the cell phone purchase.

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Comment by SmugMonkey

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