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blacked the f*** out.

i’ve come a long way in the past 10 years. i’ve graduated high school and college. i’ve broken up and fallen down and picked up the pieces. i’ve adopted a cat.

but i still heart britney spears. i don’t care what anyone says. i don’t care about her personal issues. all i care about is her upbeat, silly, dance pop music that i can sing my lil head off to whenever i need a pick-me-up — and “blackout,” her latest album out today, looks like it’ll provide me with just that.

I’m not gonna write out a long music review (i’ve never been very good at that). i’m not even going to recommend anyone buys it. i just want to put this out there — her die-hard fans will buy her album no matter what. and 10 years later, die-hard fan, i still am.


oh the embarrassment. i consider myself a bit of a music snob, but i bought her last cd and LOVED it. it’s the best dancy work out cd ever. i’ll have to hear some clips before i take the plunge with this one though cause die hard fan i am not.

Comment by 20Something

no comment.

(heehee, do you get it? I wrote that in the comments section!)

Comment by Bru

[…] “IV: a decade of curious people and dangerous minds,” which begins with an essay about britney circa 2003 — how could i not heart him? seriously, though, his books are hilarious. (yes, […]

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