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nine: bethy.
October 28, 2007, 5:56 pm
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down sisters, celebrity stalkers and shopping partners in crime, i’d do anything in the world for you, as i know you would for me.


Down syndrome sisters? I can picture it now, two special needs children bumbling through the canned goods at a supermarket. Then covered in bits of tuna they scribble “witty love notes” on the tuna can wrappers and leave them under the wipers of celebrities cars.

Comment by SmugMonkey

If I had a dime for ever time we ran bumbling through the supermarket and got mistaken for twins…

The above comment could be inserted into your novel, and no one would notice the change in authorship. Except perhaps Bill Dill himself.

Also, I miss you, we need to go drunken shopping to give me fodder for my series of guest posts.

Comment by Bru

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