Flipflops in the Rain

three: anna.

our gossipfests, complete with red wine, Carrie Bradshaw and giggling, made senior year so much more tolerable. i miss you, honey!


Yeah! New blog project…so exciting!
P.S. I stumbled across the x365 project last week, and decided that I’d start it on November 17th in memory of my friend who passed away two years ago that day. Awesome that you’re starting it too! I’m in love with that project! So, look for it on Memoirs in a month, but I promise I’m not trying to steal your thunder!

SO glad I have a new blog to add to my rapidly growing list!

P.P.S. (This is the longest comment ever) I HAVE had Sparks in college. That’s not a pic of me, it’s a pic of my friends little sister who had never had one. Trust me. I was SHOCKED. I drink one nearly every night before I go out. 😉

Comment by 20Something

That’s so sweet, FlipFlops! I think you’ve captured Anna well. You should come to Bend for the SATC movie opening.

Comment by Allegories

[…] sooo jealous. i always preferred aidan over big — even though anna told me a real-life aidan would’ve been far too predictable and boring for my liking. […]

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